Define Commercial Farming

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Define And Talk About A Chain Of Title

The word, chain of title, refers to the series of transfers of title to a property. The chain is chronological and is set in reverse order, tracing from the present owner back to the original owner. Sometimes ownership has to be documented and reconstructed via a registry office or civil law notary.

Chains of title can refer to several different types of documents including: judgments of distribution from estates, notations of deeds, certificates of death of a joint tenant, judgments of quiet title, foreclosures, and other recorded transfers of title to real property.

In the case of intellectual property, a chain of title can determine proprietary rights to a film, piece of music, or other materials protected under a copyright.

In so far as the real estate business is concerned, the research, which is done by a title company, concerns the archives of the county clerk or registrar of deeds. Whenever a property is resold, a chain of title has to be re-established in order to guarantee an owner's right to sell it to another person.

Abstract of title is the same with chain of title. Without it, you cannot acquire title insurance, which safeguards against financial loss or liability due to errors in the title report. "Encumbrances" and "conveyances" are two legalese terms in a chain of title document that you may need some assistance deciphering.

A chain of title document can resolve conflicts regarding particular rights to a property, such as hunting, farming, or timber rights. The legal use of the property given to a different party for a particular purpose, which is known as an easement, can also be settled with a chain of title document. An illustration of this can be an adjacent property sharing a common entrance or exit route, such as a driveway.

When dealing with ownership of intellectual property, establishing a chain of title is more complex than simply giving a document. Ownership when dealing with any literary work or musical composition requires copyright verification. Participating actors are asked to sign a release, which permits the commercial distribution of their likeness when dealing with films and movies. Discharges must be signed by choreographers and animation artists as well before any of their works can be shown.

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Define Commercial Farming

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