Extensive Agriculture

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Agriculture Solutions: Sharing the Signs of Global Sanity

Agriculture plays the most pivot role and is the direct means of livelihood for almost one third of the world's population. This is mostly in the third world countries and living people in the rural and remote areas. Agriculture solutions that are efficient and reliable are very much required in order to help the farmers to have high quality and quantity produce. There are various companies that are capable of providing the competent and reliable solutions concerning agriculture, row crop, dairy, vegetable, greenhouse, livestock, and tree fruit. Such solutions are not only innovative and swift these also provide a sense of relief and belief in increasing the production level.

Technological advancements are coming up every day and new inventions are being done for the betterment of the world and the people. Every business requires different solutions and to cater the business, personal needs and preferences of the clientele various software in different fields are developed. These solutions are provided to large industrial manufacturers who have limited capital expenditures in the areas of processing, sustainability, packaging, automation, sanitation, and material handling. These are extensive based applications that aim to serve multiple industries and verticals needs. The manufacturing solutions are offered to the target solution providers who have core capabilities that address the identified needs of our manufacturers.

The population of the world is increasing day after day. There are uncountable business organizations that crop up every day and hire people to work for them. Everything should go in a systematic manner and to impart effective and suitable solutions. The solutions providers serve leading mechanical contractors, building owners, security integrators, and facility managers who are looking for cutting-edge technologies to integrate into their business. All the innovative technology solutions are provided to the Vice Presidents, CEOs, and facility executives for the enhancement of the company and also increase the profit earning ventures.

All the solutions providers make it a point to protect the inspired vision, novelty and investment of a corporate entity. They assist their clients, both national and international, in obtaining realistic, effective and cost-effective IP protection. The agriculture solutions provided by the solution providers to their clients are quick and show an immediate positive result in advancement. These solutions are very effective for:

* Support an increasing number of distribution channels

* Decrease cycle Time

* More proficiently use the capital

* Influence a strong production technology to save time and money

* Maximize outcomes for the clients

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Extensive Agriculture

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what is sumer, where/when was it, and why was it important?

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Sumer was a former civilisation and region located in Mesopotamia (Modern day Iraq), circa 4500BC-2270BC when it was conquered by the Akkadian Empire.

They were the first civilisation to practise extensive agriculture including: cultivation, mono-cropping, irrigation and a specialised labour force (farmers). This allowed them to settle in one place instead of moving around all the time. It also saw an early development of writing (circa 3200BC)

See More About:    Extensive Agriculture        

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